The Location

of Palazzo Vecchio

The hotel building is at the edge of the old town of Rethymno, at a short distance from the Venetian fortress “Fortezza” and close to the impressive building dated from the Ottomans time, which used to be the Administration centre during the 19th Century and today it is the Prefecture of Rethymnon.

Palazzo Vecchio Exclusive Residence was built in the 15th Century, in the days of the Venetians and is located in the mediaeval city of Rethymno below the Venetian Fortress “FORTEZZA”, 50 meters from the Mediterranean Sea.

It used to be the mansion of a powerful Lord of Rethymno, who had his large properties in the countryside and at the same time his main residence in Rethymnon, both to protect himself from the locals as well as to offer his military and civil services to the Venetian Administration.

Palazzo Vecchio Exclusive Residence is a shining example of urban architecture as it was during the last Venetian occupation as well as during the early Ottomans years.

A very characteristic part of the complex is the oven-house with its impressive chimney.

You will feel like you are walking back in time, passing from today to yesterday, ending up in the age of the knights.

Enjoy a unique journey into the magical, almost fairytale-like, times of the Venetians, at the same time as living in a carefully thought out environment that discreetly satisfies your demands for a relaxing, refreshing & enjoyable holiday in RethymnoCrete.